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Q U O T E S…….

Going down memory lane is a pastime i don’t seem to get tired of. Why? I’m not entirely certain, perhaps ‘cos growing up was a helluva lot of fun, filled with play and all manners of practical jokes.

As i slowly tread those mental paths, i marvel at the transition from a simple unassuming thoroughbred country boy to a somewhat astute, grown-ass, urbane man.

One constant though, was his zest for success and success quotes:

“Never say die. Up man! and try..

Never wake up from a dream until you are ready to make it a reality..

The man that makes the sky his limit will never see God..

The man that became an overnight success was not asleep during the night..

God gave men two ends; one to sit on and the other to think with. Ever since then, man’s success or failure depended on the one he used more.”

……the authors of the above he never knew, but of the one below, he didn’t forget;

“The Heights by Great men, reached and kept, were not attained by sudden flights, but they, while their companions slept were toiling upwards in the night” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The above citation served as a tonic for burning the mid-night candle back then in Prison, sorry-Boarding School. My best buddy was Wadsworth’s first-namesake and was equally a long fellow. The habit sure saw me through the academy and prepped me for the outside world.

The game out here however, is different with lots more downs than ups, but yours truly is also armed with a line; The one i call my ‘Magic Mantra’, the ten two-letter words- “IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME”.


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  1. See how the quotes moved you to do life better. Words are powerful! I especially like the quote on the photo of the rainbow. When I was younger, I had a book where I wrote quotes that inspired me. One I remember bits of, though I forget the author, is: the world is round, and that place that seems like the end, may just be the beginning.

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  2. Wao! livelytwist on my page. That’s soooo kind of you. Yea, quotes move me. They constantly resonate in my head. Nice one-“the world is round….” and deep too. You just got me wishing i could lay my hands on ur book of quotes…. i’l really like to know what inspired a great mind like yours. Thanks Timi, i appreciate.

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  3. Yeaaaaah! (I’m breakdancing). Toni Morrison wrote on my blog. It was worth ur time? I’m ecstatic.
    Your reply to one of my comments on sugar& spice actually pushed me to attempt this.
    Having visited ur blog, Timi’s and some others, I know I have a loooong way to go.
    Thanks Uju, for being so noble, kind and accomodating. God bless you real good.

    It’s the ‘Fruit Shake’ theme. I’m glad u like it.

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    • Going down memory lane makes the present a lot less complicated so you are on track! A good quote makes one feel good and that’s how i feel reading this now wink! Plus back then, boarding school was actually prison! Finally, this blog is to be so it’s entirely up to you wink. Kudos grown – a**, Urbane man.


      • Lol @ grown a**. I’m hapy u can relate wit the post. Thanks for ur words of encouragement, I’l surely get there. Got Jah + My wordpress mentors and I know u have my back.

        Thanks gal…u d best


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